The Innovation Learning Way

“I like that their program is balanced between having fun as well as attention to the curriculum.”


Our Core Values

We Thrive on Innovation

An innovative mindset can be nurtured and is accomplished through intentional opportunities for creative problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration, and active communication among peers.

We Value Community

Our sites reflect the community’s needs, desires, and wants where every student, parent, teacher, and administrator has a voice and a choice in their program.

Learning is Fun!

Our curriculum is designed to engage children in inspiring activities that promote learning in a fun way. Children can accumulate understanding and knowledge through play, exploration, experimenting, and building connections with others. 

We Promote Well-Being

Our program motivates every child’s mind, body, and spirit. We embrace a holistic approach to our programs and the need for students to have both a healthy body and a healthy mind.

Our Philosophy & Practice

Every child should have access to quality learning and fun outside the classroom. As educators, administrators and parents ourselves, we know that where learning and fun connect, children succeed. That is why we work with schools and families to create customizable K-8 before and after school programs that meet the unique needs of their students and community. Through safe, affordable and fun programs, Innovation Learning can help your students become tomorrow’s innovators today.

No two schools are alike, and when it comes to curriculum and program design we offer flexibility and choice. When it comes to our program, whatever components our school partners and their families select, they can rest assured it will be fun, interesting and uniquely theirs. We invite each school community to work with us to create their own schedule and in the process, build the type of program that each school community can be proud of. There is no one “right answer” and as long as children are engaged, having fun and enjoying their program then we know that they will learn. The best part is that we will do all of the hard work and heavy lifting, each community customizes their program and we’ll do the rest!

It is  our  mission  to  “create  tomorrow’s  innovators  today.”  Our programs  are  based  upon  the  premise  that  Innovation  as  a  “set  of  skills,” can  be  nurtured,  taught  and  practiced. Teaching is our passion and so we employ teachers and educators who reflect our same drive and desire for growth.

Making Innovation Learning Available to All

It is our goal to make Innovation Learning available to as many students as possible, and our policies reflect our desire to be all-inclusive. We will turn no student away based on their ability to afford the program. We offer tremendous value for all families by providing academic support delivered by credentialed educators and enrichments that other providers charge extra for. We also offer a wide array of additional opportunities that support school day learning, the social-emotional well-being, and physical fitness of our students.

Support of Children with Special Needs

Student with special needs

Nowhere in the field of before and after school programming will you find as strong a commitment to students with disabilities. Innovation Learning founders have a strong background in special education and include a doctoral level special educator, former special education director for a public school district and co-chair of the Colorado Special Education Advisory Committee (which advised the Colorado Board of Education on matters pertaining to special education). Our Board Chair is the former Board Chair for the National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD) where he served for eighteen (18) years. Access to this level of expertise has established Innovation Learning as a leader in the field with a track record of making sure students with disabilities are not only included to the greatest extent possible but that they have a fantastic experience.

Low Staff to Student Ratios

Teacher with children

We believe that lower ratios are not only a necessity when it comes to the safety and supervision of students but that a high level of adult interaction is positive for our students and improves the overall quality of their experience. Innovation Learning exceeds licensing and state standards in every program we operate in. As parents ourselves, everything that we do is designed to take in to account the need for flexibility and affordability within the context of a safe, fun and exciting experience for children.

What They're Saying...

  • “We love the creative projects they work on, seeing the staff work with the kids not just on their homework but taking it further and going above and beyond to work with the kids on their basic skills, communication, presentation, creative thinking, etc. They’re learning and having fun!“

    - Parent at Eagle Heights Elementary, Missouri

  • “Wonderful staff!!! The BEST program we have used!!! Thank you, EVERYONE!!!!”

    - Parent at Ridgeline Academy, Arizona

  • “I really enjoy the staff! They help with my child’s needs and concerns. I highly recommend Innovation Learning!”

    - Parent at ALA San Tan Valley, Arizona

  • “The staff is awesome! I love how they do so many activities with the students. They are never bored. My children always get mad they have to leave for home when we pick them up. This shows how the program is wonderful and the staff as well. Such a nice group of people.”

    - Parent at St. Patrick Catholic School, Illinois

  • “The team is amazing - great caregivers and very nice people. I have great confidence in them and can leave my granddaughter there without any worries. Gives us such peace of mind which is important to us. I also appreciate how well stocked the center is. There is an abundance of supplies for crafts, work and play. Please ensure the team there is recognized. We don't know how we'd manage without this service!”

    - Guardian at Elk Creek Elementary School, Colorado