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Innovation Learning

The IL Difference

Our tailored approach to a District and individual schools ensures we will become a connected partner and an extension of your school day.

Unlike other organizations who seek to establish a model that they dictate and then replicate, we at Innovation Learning are passionate about customizing essential before- and after-school time to promote the well being of children. We accomplish this by offering programs that appeal to the specific wants and needs of each community, and we work with each district’s parents, children, and school administrators to determine the program that best suits each school. The result is a fully-customizable program that everyone in your community can embrace and be proud to call their own.

To achieve this, we use a three-tiered approach that ensures we develop the types of programs that reflect the needs and wants of each school, plus the individual nature of each and every school community. The three tiers for success are Curriculum, School and District Communication, and Parent Communication.

We Thrive on Innovation, We Value Community, We Make Learning Fun, and We Promote Well-Being!

Creating Tomorrow’s Innovators – Today

Our programs are based upon the premise that innovation as a set of skills can be nurtured, taught, and practiced. These skills include curiosity, collaboration, associative and integrative thinking, and a bias toward action and experimentation. This innovative mindset has been proven to improve social, emotional and academic outcomes for children. Children who master innovative skills are far better prepared than their peers and live a more successful, healthy, and fulfilled life, which is why we’ve made it our goal to reinvent the before- and after-school model to better serve the unique needs of each school community. As your Connected Learning Partner, we take away the burden of paperwork, financial worries, and concerns for your child's safety and care by providing a simple solution that is customized to suit your needs! Our program is designed to be fun, easy to implement, and help your students succeed academically.

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children painting

Before & After School Curriculum

At Innovation Learning, we've redefined education by infusing research-based curriculum with the power of play. Our mission is to foster creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking in students through an engaging and innovative approach.

We believe that play is a gateway to innovation. Our curriculum seamlessly integrates play as a fundamental element, empowering students to explore, experiment, and create in an environment that encourages curiosity and imagination.

girl assembling wires on breadboard

STEM Enrichment

Our STEM-based activities not only allow students to pursue their interests but also showcase the interconnectedness of their passions with their everyday school experiences. We make learning relevant, exciting, and tailored to each child's unique interests.

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Physical Fitness

Beyond the mind, we nurture the body. Our physical fitness programs are designed to teach motor and coordination skills, fostering a positive body image. We believe that a healthy body contributes to a healthy mind, creating a holistic approach to your child's development.

Discover the joy of learning through play—because every child deserves an education that sparks their passion and potential.

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School and District Communication

Each Innovation Learning program has a Site Coordinator who is charged with facilitating the program on-site. All Site Coordinators are supervised by an Area Director, who oversees all schools within the district. School and district administrators meet regularly with Area Directors to ensure consistent communication between Innovation Learning and the district for best results!

parent-teacher conference

Parent Communication

We understand the high level of trust that parents place in us each and every day, and we also understand that with this trust comes a responsibility to communicate early and often. As such, we offer multiple outlets for two-way communication with parents, which includes:

  • Email Blasts
  • Newsletters
  • iPad Sign in and Sign Out
  • Customer Service
  • Parent Advisory Committees
  • Go2 Postings

Support of Children With Special Needs

Nowhere in the field of before- and after-school programming will you find as strong a commitment to students with disabilities. Innovation Learning founders have a strong background in special education, and these innovation learners include a doctoral-level special educator, a former special education director for a public school district, and a co-chair of the Colorado Special Education Advisory Committee (this committee advised the Colorado Board of Education on matters about special education). Access to this level of expertise is what establishes Innovation Learning as a leader in the field with a proven track record of making sure students with disabilities are not only included, but that they also have a fantastic experience.

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Types of Programs Offered

  • Before & After School
  • Early Childhood and Extended Kindergarten Programs
  • On-site programming
  • Enrichment Programs & Enrichment Vendor Management
  • Summer & Holiday Programs/Camps
  • Homework Assistance
  • STEM based classes and curriculum
parent-teacher conference

Benefits to Your School

  • An Inclusive Program (supporting and empowering students with special needs)
  • A Self-Sufficient Program (we bring in all materials)
  • A Program at the Forefront of Safety
  • Program Design, Implementation and Management
  • Highly Qualified staff that align with our core values
  • Revenue Sharing
  • Online and On-site Enrichment Programs
  • STEM and General Professional Development
  • 24/7 Access to a Dedicated Team Responsible for Your Programs

Take advantage of our programs and become a Connected Learning Partner with Innovation Learning by contacting us today, finding a program near you, or requesting more information about our programs.


What They're Saying...

  • “We love the creative projects they work on, seeing the staff work with the kids not just on their homework but taking it further and going above and beyond to work with the kids on their basic skills, communication, presentation, creative thinking, etc. They’re learning and having fun!“

    - Parent at Eagle Heights Elementary, Missouri

  • “Wonderful staff!!! The BEST program we have used!!! Thank you, EVERYONE!!!!”

    - Parent at Ridgeline Academy, Arizona

  • “I really enjoy the staff! They help with my child’s needs and concerns. I highly recommend Innovation Learning!”

    - Parent at ALA San Tan Valley, Arizona

  • “The staff is awesome! I love how they do so many activities with the students. They are never bored. My children always get mad they have to leave for home when we pick them up. This shows how the program is wonderful and the staff as well. Such a nice group of people.”

    - Parent at St. Patrick Catholic School, Illinois

  • “The team is amazing - great caregivers and very nice people. I have great confidence in them and can leave my granddaughter there without any worries. Gives us such peace of mind which is important to us. I also appreciate how well stocked the center is. There is an abundance of supplies for crafts, work and play. Please ensure the team there is recognized. We don't know how we'd manage without this service!”

    - Guardian at Elk Creek Elementary School, Colorado