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Unlock your child's potential for learning and innovation at Vista Peak Exploratory in Aurora, Colorado. Our student-centered approach to education innovation ensures that your child is actively engaged in their own learning journey. As experienced educators and parents, we understand the incredible capacity of a child's mind, and we believe in unleashing their full potential.

Innovation Learning before and after care programs are designed to empower students, giving them the freedom to make choices about their learning. We provide a flexible format that allows students to explore their interests and take control of their educational experience. Our dedicated staff are trained as learning facilitators, guiding and supporting students as they become active participants in their own education.

With decades of experience in the field of education, we have carefully crafted a framework that combines research-based and skill-building methods with adaptable, creative approaches. This unique blend creates an ideal learning environment where children not only gain essential knowledge but also develop the innovative thinking and problem-solving skills necessary for success in the modern world.

Enriching students is at the heart of our mission. Our summer enrichment program for elementary students offers a wide range of engaging activities and experiences that go beyond the traditional classroom setting. From hands-on projects to STEAM-based learning, we provide opportunities for your child to explore and discover their passions.

Choose Vista Peak Exploratory in Aurora, Colorado for a transformative educational experience. Together, let's nurture your child's innate curiosity, ignite their love for learning, and unleash their innovative potential. Enroll them in our innovation learning programs today and watch them thrive!


  • Site Contact Information:
  • Assistant Field Operations Director: Jon Just
    • 719-306-6887


AM Program:

  • 6:30 am - Start of School 

PM Program:

  • School Dismissal - 6:00 pm


All parents must have a valid payment method (credit or debit card) on file for their child to attend the program.

  • Payment is deducted on the 1st of the month.
  • CCAP Accepted.

All K-5 students who qualify for free and reduced lunch will receive
FREE after school care! CCAP will be accepted to help cover the costs for your morning care.

Don't miss out on these incredible opportunities for your child at Vista Peak Exploratory in Aurora, Colorado. Enroll them in our Innovation Learning before and after school program, summer school, and more! Together, let's ignite their curiosity and pave the way for a brighter future.


24551 E 1st Ave
Aurora, CO 80018



5-Days Week -$119.00/Month
AM Single Day Rate: $8.00/Day
AM Same Day Drop-In Rate: $11.50/Day


5-Days Week - $85.00/Month
PM Single Day Rate: $5.50/Day
PM Same Day Drop-In Rate: $8.50/Day







NOTE: A family will never pay more than $49-no matter the number of children.


Sibling 10% 

Military 15%

First Responder 15%

Aurora School Staff 50%

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What They're Saying...

  • “We love the creative projects they work on, seeing the staff work with the kids not just on their homework but taking it further and going above and beyond to work with the kids on their basic skills, communication, presentation, creative thinking, etc. They’re learning and having fun!“

    - Parent at Eagle Heights Elementary, Missouri

  • “Wonderful staff!!! The BEST program we have used!!! Thank you, EVERYONE!!!!”

    - Parent at Ridgeline Academy, Arizona

  • “I really enjoy the staff! They help with my child’s needs and concerns. I highly recommend Innovation Learning!”

    - Parent at ALA San Tan Valley, Arizona

  • “The staff is awesome! I love how they do so many activities with the students. They are never bored. My children always get mad they have to leave for home when we pick them up. This shows how the program is wonderful and the staff as well. Such a nice group of people.”

    - Parent at St. Patrick Catholic School, Illinois

  • “The team is amazing - great caregivers and very nice people. I have great confidence in them and can leave my granddaughter there without any worries. Gives us such peace of mind which is important to us. I also appreciate how well stocked the center is. There is an abundance of supplies for crafts, work and play. Please ensure the team there is recognized. We don't know how we'd manage without this service!”

    - Guardian at Elk Creek Elementary School, Colorado