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At Innovation Learning, we believe everything that happens in your school should be aligned with your mission and vision, including before and after school programming. By viewing the school ecosystem holistically, Innovation Learning can join with you as a Connected Learning Partner and provide a program that is fun, easy to implement and helps your students succeed academically.

The New Model of Before & After School Learning

As fellow administrators and teachers who also happen to be parents, we understand the power of extended school day learning and have redesigned the traditional K-8 before and after school model to go far beyond simple child care. Based on surveys conducted by both San Francisco State University and the Afterschool Alliance, parents rate academic support, homework help and STEM activities high on their list of expectations for after school programs. Additionally, eight in 10 parents agree that after school programs should provide a fun experience for children; 71 percent agree that after school programs should help children develop workforce skills such as teamwork, leadership, and critical thinking; and 71 percent of parents also agree that after school programs should provide learning activities that are not offered during the regular school day. Innovation Learning has leveraged this information to develop a well-rounded array of program offerings that can be selected based on popular preference and your community’s individualized needs.

Customized to Support Your Mission

Each school community is unique and depending on focus, strength and needs, have differing outlooks on how our program can best support their school community. Whatever components you or your families select, you can rest assured it will be fun, stimulating and uniquely yours.

With our decades of experience in the science of play, Innovation Learning brings expertise in a variety of areas to “create tomorrow’s innovators today.” We understand that Innovation can be taught, developed and nurtured in a variety of ways. With a focus on play-based STEM education, Project Based Learning and 21st Century Skills building, we help students embrace innovation, increase academic achievement and develop key social skills.

Our programs are designed to capitalize on where learning and fun connect. We bring in 5 key areas, Academic Support, STEM Learning, Recreation, Play and Enrichment that can be mixed and matched to create a program that is customized and proportional to what your school, families and most importantly, your students want and need.

We partner with your school to provide continuous communication, a willingness to share resources and revenue, and the desire to support your mission and vision. We enable school administrators to be involved as little or as much as they would like. Either way, you can count on us to do all the heavy lifting so you can focus on the school day.

Types of Programs Offered

  • Before & After School
  • Summer & Holiday Programs/Camps
  • School Day Offerings (STEM based classes and curriculum)
  • Student Technology Association (TSA) Implementation
  • Enrichment Programs & Enrichment Vendor Management
  • Lunch & Recess Supervision
  • Early Childhood and Extended Kindergarten Programs
  • Tutoring Programs

Benefits to Your School

  • Revenue Sharing
  • Staff Volunteer Time
  • Staff Sharing
  • Recess and Lunch Support
  • A Program at the Forefront of Safety
  • STEM Professional Development (for your staff)
  • Project Based Learning (PBL)
  • Professional Development (for your staff)
  • Program Design, Implementation and Management
  • Licensed Elementary and Middle School Teachers
  • 24/7 Access to a Dedicated Team Responsible for Your Programs
  • Standards-Based, School Day
  • Enrichment Programs
  • A Self-Sufficient Program (we bring in all materials)
  • An Inclusive Program (supporting and empowering students with special needs)
  • A High Level of Communication

“Innovation Learning is an extended learning provider that offers the children in their care more than just a safe place to be after school. Their philosophy is to provide students a true extension of their school day in a fun, creative way.”

- Mary Vitulli, Principal, St. Patrick’s Catholic School


What Sets Innovation Learning Apart


Academic Support


STEM Learning








What They're Saying...

  • “We love that Innovation Learning offers interactive and fun activities that incorporate learning. We enjoy the curriculum and topics that have been explored. The teacher is dedicated to the students and it shows that he cares about their success in school.”

    - Dana, Parent

  • It has been a positive experience for our families and the school personnel. Innovation Learnings services strengthen and enhance our instructional program while keeping up with the expectations we have established in our schools.

    Bhavna Sharma-Lewis, Ph.D, District Superintendent

  • “The staff is so friendly and caring and take their time to really get to know, not only the children, but the parents as well.  My son loves attending and is saddened on those days when he is not there, I am running behind, or I pick him up early and he does not get to see his friends…”

    - Cynthia, Parent

  • “The kids are given a great balance of encouragement, exercise, STEAM learning, and hands-on activities to promote education and creativeness. I highly recommend this beneficial childcare!”

    - Melinda, Parent

  • “One of the most impressive things I saw this year was the projects or "units" that the kids worked on.  I am unsure of the specifics, but the children worked in groups to research volcanoes and then give a relatively formal presentation, ending with a model volcano that actually erupted!  The kids were so proud to present what they learned, and all age kids were able to take part - even my preschooler.”

    - Amy, Parent

  • “For the first time in 10 years, I am thrilled with After School services and believe in their ability to actually strengthen and enhance our instructional program while keeping with the culture we have established in our school. Pure Genius. Thank you, Innovation Learning!”

    - Dr. Stephanie Musser, Executive Director, Candeo Schools

  • “He loves engaging in the STEM learning program as well. We have been so impressed with the things he has learned and been able to dream up through the program. We couldn't think of a better program for him!”

    - Corinne, Parent

  • “What stood out to me about this program is the fact that my child is always doing something different. I love that he’s never bored, and he actually asks me to go more days than he currently attends!”

    - Jennifer, Parent