Fun, Engaged Learning & Play Outside the School Day

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We understand that life can be a bit hectic, but choosing a safe environment for your child to learn while you’re away or at work doesn’t have to be. Every day we work with thousands of families across the country to ensure their child has fun while learning in the safety of their own school. From discovery and play to STEM and robotics, our K-6 before and after school, and summer camp programs offers a full range of activities designed with your child’s growth and academic success in mind.

“I like that their program is balanced between having fun as well as attention to the curriculum.”

- Tricia Parent


What Sets Innovation Learning Apart



No parent should have to sacrifice the quality of their child’s education because of high costs. We work with your school to provide flexible tuition so your child can come once a week, once a month or once a year. You only pay for the days you select.


Play time is critical to the development of skills related to innovation. We offer opportunities for daily outdoor play, gaming, team building and discovery activities designed to engage your child’s body and mind.


We use online tools to help you register with ease and stay up-to-date with your child’s program teachers and coordinators. Simply register online, drop them off and watch them learn. We’ll even make sure their homework is done before you pick them up.


We bring the program to your child’s school so that they remain in a safe environment that they’re familiar with. All of our sites exceed licensing standards and ratios. All of our staff members undergo rigorous background checks, and they attend CPR and First Aid certification trainings. Parents sign their children in and out with an individualized PIN that provides a digital record.


Our curriculum incorporates a variety of high-interest activities designed to teach problem-solving, collaboration and creative thinking. Our Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) based programming or “Innovation Stations” is a fun and exciting way for children to learn the skills and concepts essential to becoming tomorrow’s innovators. We also offer homework assistance and tutoring, a benefit proven to increase test scores and overall academic achievement.


All children should engage in a healthy lifestyle by participating in physical activity each and every day. Each of our fun fitness periods incorporate the SPARK (sports, play and active recreation for kids) curriculum. SPARK has been carefully designed to improve communication, cognitive and behavioral performance, and to develop lifelong healthy habits.

What They're Saying...

  • “We love that Innovation Learning offers interactive and fun activities that incorporate learning. We enjoy the curriculum and topics that have been explored. The teacher is dedicated to the students and it shows that he cares about their success in school.”

    - Dana, Parent

  • It has been a positive experience for our families and the school personnel. Innovation Learnings services strengthen and enhance our instructional program while keeping up with the expectations we have established in our schools.

    Bhavna Sharma-Lewis, Ph.D, District Superintendent

  • “The staff is so friendly and caring and take their time to really get to know, not only the children, but the parents as well.  My son loves attending and is saddened on those days when he is not there, I am running behind, or I pick him up early and he does not get to see his friends…”

    - Cynthia, Parent

  • “The kids are given a great balance of encouragement, exercise, STEAM learning, and hands-on activities to promote education and creativeness. I highly recommend this beneficial childcare!”

    - Melinda, Parent

  • “One of the most impressive things I saw this year was the projects or "units" that the kids worked on.  I am unsure of the specifics, but the children worked in groups to research volcanoes and then give a relatively formal presentation, ending with a model volcano that actually erupted!  The kids were so proud to present what they learned, and all age kids were able to take part - even my preschooler.”

    - Amy, Parent

  • “For the first time in 10 years, I am thrilled with After School services and believe in their ability to actually strengthen and enhance our instructional program while keeping with the culture we have established in our school. Pure Genius. Thank you, Innovation Learning!”

    - Dr. Stephanie Musser, Executive Director, Candeo Schools

  • “He loves engaging in the STEM learning program as well. We have been so impressed with the things he has learned and been able to dream up through the program. We couldn't think of a better program for him!”

    - Corinne, Parent

  • “What stood out to me about this program is the fact that my child is always doing something different. I love that he’s never bored, and he actually asks me to go more days than he currently attends!”

    - Jennifer, Parent