School Leaders


21 st Century Skill development


STEM Based Programming aligned with NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards)


Increased interest and scores on STEM related content


Academic and homework support provided by licensed teachers


Aligned with parents needs and interests


Fun and Exciting Enrichment activities

Therefore, as the choices available to parents increase it behooves schools to examine how they could best increase the opportunities available to their students by ensuring that they are maximizing their time and resources to provide those things that parents want.

By utilizing a STEM based curriculum and leveraging Project Based Learning (PBL) we can both compliment and supplement the regular school day curriculum with a program that is highly motivating. We leverage the natural curiosity inherent in children to create an enjoyable experience which leads to fantastic results. Research has shown that when programs expose students to STEM within the context of a Project Based Learning Framework, it leads to an increase in the long-term retention of content. Additionally, this framework helps students to perform as well as or better than traditional learners in high-stakes tests, they show an increase in problem-solving and collaboration skills, and improved attitudes towards learning (Strobel & van Barneveld, 2009; Walker & Leary, 2009).

In today’s competitive landscape, schools are vying to fill desks and ensure that their schools remain viable. It is common sense that high-performing schools fare much better than their competition and are at a significant advantage when it comes time for parents to decide on where to send their child. More specifically, a 2013 national survey, What Parents Want: Education Preferences and Trade-Offs by the Thomas Fordham Institute, found that K-12 parents seek – strong reading and math programs, the opportunity to learn STEM (science technology, engineering and math) skills, and an environment where students develop critical thinking and communication skills. A 2015 study by the Education Research Alliance of New Orleans called What Schools Do Families Want (And Why)? found that parents choose schools frequently for proximity to extra-curricular activities.

Innovation Learning Understands What Parents Want

Innovation Learning understands what parents want and we have designed our program to help schools build capacity around those variables. We offer a variety of STEM based activities that are aligned with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) to stimulate interest in STEM related content. We adhere to a Project Based Learning (PBL) framework that uses the Buck Institute’s Gold Standard for PBL to improve critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity skills. We even take creativity one step further by offering Discovery periods which have been based upon Google’s 20% time concept (Google’s 20% time in the classroom). We have also developed a proprietary play based curriculum that we use to spur 21 st Century skill building in a fun and exciting way that children enjoy.

When it comes to academic performance know that parents will send their children to the schools that not only have a track record but who also give them the best chance to succeed. As more and more parents, have had to work to make ends meet, this conceptualization of “success” has become more and more the responsibility of the school. Furthermore, with changes to our nation’s curriculum students are now learning in ways that are unfamiliar to their parents. Parents want and expect their school to provide their children with the supports that they need to achieve. Innovation Learning helps schools to solve this problem by using licensed teachers to provide our proprietary homework assistance and academic support program. When combined with the other research based parts of our program it is a potent intervention that benefits all students. They leave our program in the evening with better STEM based content knowledge and their homework completed and checked by an educator that understands the curriculum and how to best teach it. When you combine all the pieces Innovation Learning isn’t just an exemplary before and after school program, we are a connected learning partner who offers your school an additional resource in your effort to be the best school you can be and one that parents will trust with their children.